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Art appraisal


         Valuing your art can be of great help as:

Advice on how to sell, insure or auction your property

A guarantee for collectors, investors, companies and individuals

Certificate of value of artistic assets for professionals and private individuals

Guidance on inheritance and succession issues

Valmesa Group


Our valuation and appraisal service for works of art is based on the great structure of the company within which it is constituted, the Valmesa Group, specifically the valuation and appraisal company that gives its name to the group.

Our valuations of works of art are aimed at supporting all the needs derived from the artistic and cultural sector. We define ourselves as an art asset valuation consultancy.

In an environment in which the importance of the Art Market is growing, the support of Valmesa’s large structure, together with the sensitivity and training of its professionals, means that we offer the necessary service for investors and collectors who want to be well informed and well advised in this sector.

At Valmesa, we are with you.

We are experts in assessment


If you need to know the value of a work of art, for issues related to the distribution of inheritances, insurance, advice on purchase and sale operations, donation in payment of taxes, …. or simply because you want to know the price of that painting hanging on your wall?

At Valmesa we tell you how.

At Valmesa we prepare a complete report, which determines the market value of the work of art, necessary to…

  • Insuring pieces, lots or collections
  • Advice on purchase and sale operations
  • Claiming damages, theft or fraud in appraisals
  • Cataloguing and inventories
  • Distribution of assets in inheritances or separations
  • Inventory management for private individuals or private or public institutions
  • Obtaining certificates of authenticity
  • Applying for mortgages or guarantees
  • To make donations to institutions, museums or as payment of taxes
  • For accounting reconciliations for financial purposes

In order to know the appraisal value of a work of art, different parameters are used: author, age, size, state of conservation, typology, quality… which are those that most influence the final value of the work, together with the prices of the offers for sale that exist in the art market.

We are accredited professionals.
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Specialised services


Market Valuation

Study of the economic value of the works by means of the Synthetic or Comparison Method. This analyses the market prices of works by a given author that are similar to the one to be valued.

Artistic Valuation

Study and cataloguing of one or more works of art, carrying out a historical-cultural and stylistic investigation of the works, in which the characteristics relating to authorship, period, subject matter, technique, support and conservation are analysed.


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